The story of Stout Bottle Opener started with a simple conversation over coffee about nostalgia, creativity and building cool things. An idea was formed, a passion ensued and a Kickstarter campaign was well on it's way to smashing it's fundraising goal and enabling two friends in Colorado to create a forever object.

 Stout creators from left to right, Joe and Lance

Stout creators from left to right, Joe and Lance

Lance had an idea to make a bottle opener that sticks to walls and lasts forever. Joe was the naive friend that thought it was an idea worth pursuing. They (we from now on) decided to team up and create a bottle opener that would remind us what it was like to find awesome things in the treasure trove of our grandparents basement. As fast, sleek and useful as they are now, our MacBooks won't be working in 30 years. There was a time when everything was created to work. And created to last. We wanted to get back to the spirit of that thinking.

Sketches, prototypes, more prototypes, meetings at breweries and several FaceTime chats later, Stout Bottle Opener was designed and a Kickstarter campaign ready to be launched. A month later, 1,036 fantastic people from all over the world put their trust in our idea and supported us financially. We are so grateful to them and the entire Kickstarter community for enabling us to do what we're doing. In June of 2013, Stout Bottle Opener: A Forever Object was fully funded. Our Kickstarter promotional video can be seen below and goes a long way towards explaining what Stout is all about.


The next year was something akin to owning an old British car. Beautiful but with lots of breakdowns. Fortunately none of these breakdowns were game-changers, they just forced us to go through the necessary steps to learn how to create a product that we and all our backers could be proud of. With the help of a number of generous friends, we hand assembled packaging, glued magnets and shipped nearly 1,500 openers to 25 countries. 

Over the second half of 2014 we have moved Stout into what we're calling Phase 2. It is beginning to appear in thoughtful local and online retailers that share a vision for quality products that foster a lifestyle of enjoying life and the people we journey through it with.

Stout comes from Denver, Colorado and will not take over the world. Though we think you'll enjoy it. 

Joe and Lance